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Recloser & Regulator Services

We are pleased to announce that our Auburn, Maine facility is ready to provide repair and testing of Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Voltage Regulators. AC Electric will be partnering with Regulator Control Repair Inc. to handle the repairs of the electronics controls associated with Reclosers. Regulator Control Repair Inc. has been providing electronic services to electric utilities and the power industry for over 30 years.

While reclosers and regulators are designed and built to the highest standards they require service to maintain these standards and functionality. AC Electric, with a staff of trained technicians and engineers, is able to provide the services to keep this equipment functioning at the optimum level.

electrical regulators

Our Recloser & Regulator Services Include:

  • Test the unit upon receipt
  • Clean and inspect the exterior and interior
  • Replace any inoperative components
  • Replace gaskets and reassemble the unit
  • Replace tank oil, if required
  • Test the unit after repair to confirm operation
  • Record test results
  • Sand and paint the recloser unit as required

Every utility and power company using reclosers should have a routine maintenance program established with a 3–5 year interval. AC Electric is able to assist in developing an individual program to meet your needs and to set up an automatic notification system when equipment should be scheduled for testing and maintenance.

We welcome the opportunity to solve your equipment repair, service or replacement needs. It is the Mission of AC Electric to provide our customers with the best possible products and services that fulfill their requirements at a fair and responsible price. Our engineers and technicians are available 24/7 to provide the support that will keep your business running.

If you do not see a service listed that you need, please contact us today for more information.