AC Electric is pleased to provide a wide and ever increasing range of services to support industry throughout the Northeast. With a reputation built through serving the paper industry with the repair of AC & DC motors up to 7500 H.P. and supporting electrical maintenance, we have continued to grow covering a wide variety of industries from electrical generation and distribution, all levels of manufacturing, and almost anything where electricity and electric motors are utilized.

A natural extension of this support is the addition of a Field Engineering department operating out of our Auburn, Maine facility and servicing all of the Northeast. Our engineers and technicians have the training and expertise to provide predictive maintenance and reliability services to identify problems before they cause a failure. With a full array of on-site and shop services: state-of-the-art testing, maintenance and service, we’ll help maintain all of your power distribution equipment.

A few of the industries currently being served by AC Electric include Paper Mills, Power Generation, Recreation, Railroads, Manufacturing, Wastewater and Marine Industries. We provide services throughout Maine, New England and throughout the Northeast and our engineers and technicians are available 24 / 7 to provide the support that will keep your business running.