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Motor Repair, Auburn Location

Commutator Resurfacing

Our Challenge

One of many motors came in for service. This one is from a paper mill. Upon inspection, the Commutator on this DC armature needed to be resurfaced and absolutely concentric to the axis of rotation.

Paper mills usually run 24/7 so when a motor is down it can severely hurt production. So when one of their motors is down for repair, they usually need a quick turnaround.

motor repair

Our Process

John Manzo our machinist with 49 years of experience says this is the easy part of the job.

He goes through each groove of the commutator and manually scrapes out debris with a special tool.


For a client like this where the motor is part of their 24/7 operation, we focus on getting the repair done quickly.

John prides himself and says he does the best comms in the northeast!