Railroad Services

AC Electric has over 60 years of experience in the repair and overhaul of AC and DC motors for industries throughout New England. A natural extension of this is to provide repair and rebuild services for locomotive components. At our 24,000 square foot facility located in Bangor, Maine we have the expertise to rebuild locomotive traction motors, generators, mechanicals and other related gear. AC Electric also has the infrastructure to test run everything up to and including main generators to assure quality and reliability.

We offer the following services for the railroad industry:

  • Main Generator Repair and Rebuilding
  • Exciter and Aux Generator Repair and Rebuilding
  • Traction Motor Repair and Rebuilding
  • Mechanical Rebuilds on Oil Pumps
  • Mechanical Rebuilds on Water Pumps
  • Fan and Blower Rebuilding
  • Fan Balancing
  • Line Boring
  • Duff Norton Air Motor Jack Repair Center